• jACOB Web Application Development.

    The quickest way to develop powerful web applications.

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    Nobody wants to buy an expensive tool chain and train 5 persons or more to work it, in order to create web applications. Nobody likes to worry about scalability and robustness! That’s why jACOB is a winner.

    jACOB does away with these problems. It provides the developer community with an easy to use, highly reliable design framework to create any web based business application and integrate it with existing systems. However, it also forms an integral part of our business applications and as such you can use it to adapt these applications to fit your own unique business environment.

    Tool Or Business Application?

    jACOB is available as a tool for those who want to develop their own software. But we also offer you a number of out of the box business applications that were developed with jACOB and which you can easily adapt to meet your own specific requirements.


    • Thin client architecture.
    • Multi entity functionality.
    • Powerful graphical tool for database modeling.  
    • Layout editor to develop screens, define browser and position standard buttons.  
    • Ready to go wizards and powerful editors.
    • Multiple data source access. 
    • Hot deployment. 
    • Full scalability (Cluster). 
    • Job scheduling. 
    • Multi channel communications including connection to CTI.
    • WebDAV support for document management without using applets.
    • Rule engine to support workflows.
    • Multi lingual design and easy to use translation tools.
    • Point and click report writer that enables end users to create their own reports. 
  • Benefits.

    Reduction of development times by more than fifty percent.

    Far less prone to programming errors and software bugs.

    Uninterrupted run for months on end without a single reboot.

    Provision of easy access to your existing software applications.

  • Where jACOB Applications Add Value.


    jACOB applications are highly valued by those organizations that rely on web based transactions or require applications that can be quickly adapted to cope with changing business or market conditions. It is used in front office environments and brings considerable advantages to such areas as for instance:

    • Asset management & Building maintenance.
    • Call Centers & Contact management.
    • Customer relation  systems.
    • Engineering change order management.
    • Equipment control and maintenance.
    • Field service.
    • Marketing campaign management.
    • Project control.
    • Software management.
    • Ticket and reservation systems.
    • Web shops.